Ati rage 128 & Linux

Ati rage 128 & Linux

Post by Stéphan » Sat, 14 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Salut tous le monde,

Pour ceux qui veulent utiliser leur ATI Rage Fury sous linux, je vous
propose mon site, o tout est expliqu simplement que ce soit pour les
dbutants ou les experts. Si vous avez des critiques ou des remarques
faire n'hsiez pas mcrire.

Ah au fait l'adresse du site :

Merci de votre future visite.


1. ATI RAGE 128 & Linux-Mandrake 6.1 & X !!!

How on earth (in several easy steps!) do I get the Rage 128 X server
working? I have on my Linux Mandrake CD the new X server for the Rage 128,
and also the new xconfigurator.

How am I supposed to install these? I thought I did it correctly, but
whenever I start xconfigurator my Rage 128 is never listed.

I've tried quite a few websites and newsgroups regarding this, yet I can't
seem to get the complete procedure correct.

Please can anyone offer any help? I'm getting bored of command prompts!


JJ White

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