PANIC!! SCSI II doesn't work

PANIC!! SCSI II doesn't work

Post by Ricardo Gall » Wed, 20 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,
        we have a SCSI II controler (Buslogic 946C PCI) and a seagate
disk (Barracuda 32550N) and we are getting filesystem errors.

When we run Linux fdisk we had problems with a partition going
beyond Cyl 1023, so we changed the head numbers to 128 (it was
64) and we could create the partitions.

After formatting the disk we get system errors with some invalid
i-nodes and in another machine we cannot compile the kernel
(the conf. is the same). The gcc is getting continuosly
signal 6 or 11.

Does anyone know what's going on? (we have installed the 1.2.13...)




1. ISA SoundBlaster 16 SCSI-II sol'n to PCI/SCSI-II lack of support??


I'm fairly set on ordering a PCI 486/66 machine with SCSI-II peripherals already
on it.  Since the PCI/SCSI-II Linux drivers (namely those for the NCR chip) are
not finished I came up with one potential solution and would greatly appreciate
hearing about the feasibility of this temporary solution.  I especially
appreciate hearing from anyone that may have tried it or something similar.

I was thinking I could get a SoundBlaster 16 ISA card with the SCSI-II support on
it and hang all the SCSI-II periperals from that driver rather than from the
PCI/SCSI-II driver that will come with the system.  That _could_ work since the
SCSI-II driver that would be on the ISA SoundBlaster 16 card would be supported
by Linux.  Or at least that is the theory.

Anyone tried this?  Or used some other cheap ISA/SCSI-II driver for a temporary
(or permanent) solution on a PCI system?


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