LILO control over NT, 95 and Messy-DOS?

LILO control over NT, 95 and Messy-DOS?

Post by Daniel L. Lova » Fri, 31 Jan 1997 04:00:00

>I wanna install Linux on my new machine, but have some LILO

>I run Windows NT, Windows 95 and MS-DOS on this thing now, everything
>controlled by NT's "boot manager" and what I'm wondering is, can LILO
>happily co-exist with this thing or, take it's place?

>What's the poop on booting multiple OS'es with LILO?  Didn't find a
>HOW-TO that addressed this situation..


I run Linux, NT, and DOS on the same machine.  I have LILO installed on the
master boot record and have had no problems.  When I originally installed
everything, I installed DOS first, then used fdisk to partition the drive.
I then installed NT, and then LINUX last.  After booting, LILO hands
everything over to the NT loader if you choose to boot to DOS.

I have 6 partitions - DOS, NT, LINUX, LINUX swap, and a couple of FAT
partitions for files.  I think the only important thing is that DOS be on
the first partition of the disc.



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