HP Deskjet 855C

HP Deskjet 855C

Post by David Lai » Mon, 13 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

I'm sure this has been answered many times in this newsgroup, but I don't
read it regularly enough.....

I just bought a HP Deskjet 855Cxi printer, and I haven't been successful getting
it to print anything yet.  

I have RedHat 4.0 installed on my Linux drive, and I can't get the printer to print
anything intelligible yet.  Using the RH printer configuration tool, I tried
many of the HP deskjet filters (cdeskjet, cdjcolor, cdjmono, cdj500, cdj550,
deskjet, djet500, djet500c) but it doesn't print even an ASCII file intelligibly.

I tried 'cat testfile' > /dev/lp1' and the printer churns a little, but spits out
a couple of sheets with garbage on them.

From the user's guide, the Deskjet 855C uses HP PCL level 3 (and includes drivers, etc.
for MacIntosh systems also).

Any suggestions?




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HP Deskjet 855C

Post by John Bale » Wed, 15 Jan 1997 04:00:00


I don't have the HP 855C, but I do have the HP 870C and I am running
Redhat 4.0. I too had similar printing problems initially.

***Ugly Disclaimer***

Unfortunately, I used poor trouble shooting steps (ie, performed
multiple steps before testing) to solve my problems so any one of these
suggestions or all may (or may not) solve your problem.

Don't you love that disclaimer! ;-)

1)  I updated the lpr package to lpr-0.13-1.i386.rpm.
    The errata does not mention any parallel printing problems, but
some     security issues are present.

2)  I too am using Redhat's printtool to configure my printer. Here are
    the settings I chose:

        Launch Printtool: # printool &

        From the "Edit Local Printer Entry" dialog box:
                *auto* - click select-> opens "Configure Filter" dialog
                Suppress Headers -> selected

        From the "Configure Filter" dialog box:
                Send EOF (\014) -> NOT selected

3)  A couple of notes:
        Although my printer is capable of printing 600x600 in B&W and
        600x300 in color, these resolutions are with the HP drivers
        under Windows or MacOS. One of my initial problems was
        resolution, but after switching to 300x300 these went away.

        After changing any settings in the printtool choose "Restart
        lpd" from the lpd menu.

I have had no problems printing ascii files, Ghostscript/Ghostview (PS)
files, or pages from Netscape since this weekend, when I solved the

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1. HP Deskjet 855c and lpd

: I was wondering if anyone has written a package specifically for the
: Deskjet or has successfully gotten this version of the DeskJet to actually
: do 600x600dpi graphics.  I sure can't.  I've found 2 utils for printing
: text, eliminating the staircase effect.  But that's it.  Please someone
: help on this, it's getting real tough to deal with.  

: Thanks a mil

: -- Loren Harrington

I use the ghostscript ljet4 filter for black and white at 600x600,
and the cdj550 for color at 300x300, with magicfilter, on FreeBSD.
It worked as well on linux when I was running that. The only problem
is not having the HP utility to clean the printhead, etc. I can even
send wordperfect file thru magic filter and have it print properly.
It sends the raw pcl code directly to the printer.


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