Support for Paradise Pipeline Video Card????

Support for Paradise Pipeline Video Card????

Post by Warren J. Ha » Tue, 14 Jan 1997 04:00:00

After having my motherboard replaced, the service people also had to
replace the previous video card with a Paradise Pipeline 64 PCI card
due to compatibility problems between the old video card and the new
motherboard.   Aside from tripping all over itself and the other
Plug-n-Pray cards on the system, the new card seems reasonably good, with
on-board MPEG acceleration and a 64-bit graphics engine.
However, that is only under Win95.  

The old video card, although not a great card, was at least supported
under Linux.  I have been doing a lot of looking around and can NOT
find any mention of Linux support or Xfree96 3.2 support for this video
card.  It has a P9710 video chip with 1Mb EDO DRAM with a PCI
interface.  Currently I am having the support people straighten out the
mess they created by putting in too many P-n-P devices, so I have the
option of changing the Paradise card out for a Diamond Stealth card if
needed for Linux.  So, am I correct in my understanding that this
Philips Electronics produced Paradise video card is not supported under
Linux?  Does anyone else have any experience with this card?

Warren Hack


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Is there any xfree86 support for the Paradise Pipeline 64 Video card?  The
primary chip on the card is labelled: WD9710-MZ.  I've already tried the

- Used the Generic VGA driver (mouse problems, see separate message)

- Specified no video card from the card database, but used the SVGA server
(momentarily got a very blocky display that soon vanished entirely.)

So tell me, just how screwed am I?

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