Paradise Pipeline 64...

Paradise Pipeline 64...

Post by Brandon Fish » Wed, 17 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone got the Paradise Pipeline 64 videocard working under X11?
I can;t find the complete specs on it anywhere to find out what chipset is
used on it.  Any information on how this videocard works under Linux would
be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Brandon Fisher


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I have been able to get X windows up and running on kernel 2.0.0 with
the VGA server, is there a SVGA server that works with this card?

The card is a PCI card with a P9710 chip set. I have tried loading the
SVGA server, but can not get a resolution greater than 320x240. when I
go in the X86Config and un comment the line that tells how much ram the
screen loses sync.

any suggestions?


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