Kernel Panic: SCSI Adaptec 2920 Problem

Kernel Panic: SCSI Adaptec 2920 Problem

Post by [SS]Strob » Tue, 04 May 1999 04:00:00


I encountered a frustrating problem with my scsi card:

On RH5.2, kernel 2.0.36, the scsi works fine with embedded drivers for
the future domain chipset, but, sometimes, my whole system locked for 10
seconds or so when a sysmessage like:

module <fdomain> idle request on 0x7000 irq 11,

11 rows of hexcode,
(11 sec effective idle time)

module <fdomain> resume request on 0x7000 irq 11,

(then my harddisk is ronking like hell!)
After that i could just play futher with my computer. The fact is, all
apm and scsi-idle-programs aren't running at all !
So what i did as solution: i turned off the scsi with a tool
(scsi-start/stop) because my linux was installed on /dev/hda3, i didn't
use the scsi in rh5.2, only for storage usage...

Now, i installed RH6.0, kernel 2.2.5 with Increased SCSI support (as
they decline !)
My scsi works fine, i installed the whole stuff on /dev/sda6, incluis a
swap partition, it still works fine untill ...

module <fdomain> idle request on 0x7000 irq 11,

11 rows of hexcode,
(11 sec effective idle time)

module <fdomain> resume request on 0x7000 irq 11...

But then, no resume ! only a damn kernel panic: NO REENTRANT INTERRUPTS.

I recompiled the kernel with all the scsiverbosity on, but it's very
frustrating because it always happens on heavy diskusage, the only thing
it can safe is the on-off button, a spectactular e2fschk with LOTS of
errors on the disk...

Somebody similar problems ?
Anybody hints ?

I *really* can't scsi-stop the scsi now, it wouldn't do my linux
anygood,not ? ;-)





1. Help: Adaptec 2920, Quantum Fireball, 2.0.xx, Kernel panic


  I've been having some mean problems with my Quantum
Disk (A 3.2 GB Quantum Fireball) under Linux.  Basically,
whenever I start writing a lot of data to it, the kernel
panics with IO errors from the disk.  I've tried this with
2.0.27 and 2.0.30, and in both cases, kablooie.

  I booted my machine under WinBlows and installed
the SCSI drivers from Adaptec.  There, I filled the
Quantum with a copy of my WinBlows disk (and yes I did
paritition it into a 2 GB and a 1GB disk...).  So I know
that the hardware is probably okay.

  Actually, my linux problem occurs specifically under
these conditions:

  1. 1 Linux Swap Paritition and 1 Linux Native paritition
     on disk
  2. Installing Accel-X CDE 1.1 or Accel-X CDE 1.0.10.

  I talked to Accel-X tech support about this, they said
that the installation program is a script, so I doubt that
the problem is specific to Accel-X.  I think the panics
come around when the system starts to swap.  I could
easily be wrong..

  Here's my system configuration:

Cyrix 6x86-150MHz
  64 MB RAM
  512K Cache
  2GB IDE Disk (IBM)
  3.2GB SCSI Disk (Quantum) - Not functional!!
  Number Nine Motion 331 2MB DRAM
  Exabyte Eagle Tr-3 Tape Drive
  Motorola ModemSurfr 28.8 Modem (NOT in PnP mode)
  Sound Blaster 16 PnP
  Adaptec 2920 PCI SCSI interface
  3Com 3c905-Tx PCI 10BaseT Ethernet board (installed after problems
had first occurred)

  I'd greatly appreciate any and all help I can get.  Also, I don't
have much time to read through the newsgroups (maybe once every three
weeks) and my news server expires very quickly.. So I ask those kind

  Thanks in advance!

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