Problem setting up External Modem

Problem setting up External Modem

Post by Rod Gutierre » Thu, 21 Jan 1999 04:00:00

    I am having some serious problems setting up my USR 28.8 Sportster
External modem. I am running Red Hat 5.2 on a P133. I have set up a PnP
modem in Linux before so I figured that this would be a cinch, it's not.
I can't control my modem. I can tell that it is recieving the commands
though, because if I "echo AT > /dev/cua0" the TR light on my modem
blinks. Right now I have the 3,5,7, and 8 dip switches down.I have
included a description of what each dip switch does at the bottom, just
in case anyone has any ideas.

    I have tried using the modem on cua0 and cua1. I used setserial for
both cua0 and cua1 in the form         "setserial /dev/cua0 uart 16550A
port 0x03f8 irq 4". I also tried using several modem cables, I even
tested the
continuity just to make sure the cables were working. I hooked up and
tested a SupraExpress 28.8 External modem with the same results.  I even
changed the COM port cable coming from the motherboard. I checked the
/dev/ioports and /dev/interrupts to see if there were any conflicts. I
read the Serial-HOWTO and the Modem-HOWTO neither of them helped.

    I don't know what else to look for. Does anyone have any suggestions
as to what I should try next? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                Rod Gutierrez


1. UP            Data Terminal Ready normal
    DOWN     DTR Override

2. UP            Verbal result codes
    DOWN     Numeric result codes

3. UP            Suppress result codes
    DOWN    Display result codes

4. UP            Display result codes
    DOWN     Echo offline commands

5. UP            Auto answer on first ring, or
                     higher if specified in NVRAM

6. UP            Carrier detect normal
    DOWN     Carrier detect override

7. UP            Load NVRAM defaults
    DOWN     Load factory defaults

8. UP            Dumb modem
    DOWN    Smart modem


1. Modem problem - External US Robotics Voice modem

I really need some help with this one.

I have a 3Com/USR External 56K X2 Voice Faxmodem.  I upgraded it to V.90 the
day I bought it (why pay $50+ more for a V.90 modem when you can upgrade for
free anyway?).  It's a model '00178400'.  It's connected to serial port 2 on
my computer, and serial port 2 is manually set up as COM2 2F8 IRQ3 in the
BIOS.  I have a Mouse Systems mouse on serial port 1, which is set up as
COM1 3F8 IRQ4 in the BIOS.  I have no other COM ports in the system and no
IRQ conflicts.

The modem works perfectly within Windows 9x/NT.  I have not had a single
problem in Windows.  However, when I use Red Hat 5.0 on my system, the modem
doesn't quite work correctly.  I have /dev/modem set up as a symbolic link
to /dev/cua1 (I've also tried ttyS1, and I get the same results).  When I
open minicom, I get the initialization on the screen (e.g. ATZ, OK).  All AT
commands I type in come up with an 'OK' as the result, so I know that the
modem is working at this point.

When I dial is a different story, however.  When I dial using manual 'ATDT'
commands or from the dialer within minicom, it dials.. gives the 'CONNECT
50666/ARQ' or 'CONNECT 49333/ARQ'.. followed by a bunch of garbage.  This
garbage has had three appearances:

    (or something similar - I can't cut and paste to Windows and I have a
non-Linux printer)

2) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


This is happening regardless of the number being connected to and the
modulation used.  I have tried disabling x2 via using "S32=34", but that has
not worked.  It disabled the x2, connects at 28.8-33.6 and still gives the
same problem.  I have tried using a "AT&F" to restore defaults.  Same thing.
I've even connected to a 14.4 BBS here in town, and I got junk on the screen
again.  There seems to be a few places that I have actually gotten the
proper ANSI/ASCII text on the screen.

I've even tried turning off the power to the modem and turning it back on,
but that doesn't give me any more luck.  I've also tried not using a
symbolic link and using /dev/cua1 and /dev/ttyS1 directly.  I just can't
seem to get it to work.  The modem is a plug and play modem, but only as far
as the "recognition" of the modem.  The COM settings and everything else are
already set up via the COM port.

The kicker is that it also does the same thing with Slackware 3.2 as well as
my Red Hat 5.0.

What's going on?

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