Xconfig for Mach64 2MB DRAM

Xconfig for Mach64 2MB DRAM

Post by Igor Chudov » Wed, 17 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi folks,

If you by chance use Mach64 card (CL543X PCI Local Bus VGA card),
can uoi please send me XF86Config files?


        - Igor.


1. ATI Mach64 Graphics Expression 2MB DRAM?

: Does anyone have the dot clock settings for this card? I tried someone else's
: settings and my monitor didn't really like it to say the least.

        You'll have to find specific monitor settings for your
installation or hack them out yourself.  I have a ATI Mach64 Graphics
eXpression working just fine on my system with a ViewSonic 6 monitor.  If
you're interested, I could mail you my XF86Config...



Northstar Technologies                        Compuserve: 76620,2534
Newmarket, Ontario, CANADA

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