Recommend Sound Card w/ MIDI?

Recommend Sound Card w/ MIDI?

Post by David Be » Sat, 02 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi -

Can anyone recommend a MIDI-capable sound card for use with linux?  It is
for a machine without PnP.  It is for a friend who at some point in the
future may buy a MIDI keyboard.



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1. Recommended sound card for midi on slackware

 For years I have had an ES1371 style card and for years sound has been
a struggle, in particular
midi. Currently I run Slackware 10.1 on my work partition and Slackware
10.2 on my testing partition.
I am about to give up on the ES1371. Helpful people have written long
dissertations on using Timidity++ and Fluidsynth. Nothing seems to work
for me. So I am looking to bypass that set of problems altogether
via a soundcard with built-in midi patches, like my older ISA
soundcards used to have. It is personally embarassing to boot up Win
2000 every time I need to listen to a hymn that I have keyed in and
converted to midi.  As a cantor in my church this is a "got to have,"
not a "nice to have" feature.

So here is my question: What is a good pci sound card that works with
Alsa and has built in midi capability including the midi patches? I do
not need ultimate performance, just something that works with a minimum
of twiddling.

All replies appreciated.

John Culleton

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