2nd EIDE controller on i430Tx

2nd EIDE controller on i430Tx

Post by Christian Kleitsc » Tue, 16 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi everybody!

I have a motherboard with i430TX chipset, Pentium 166MMX and I run
RedHat Linux 5.0 (kernel 2.0.32). And now the problem: the kernel
doesn't recognise my 2nd EIDE controller (a CD-ROM drive is connected on
I get a message like: hdc not responding (error code (maybe return code
?) 0x0d)
The kernel recognises it only if the boot order in BIOS is CDROM,C,A
(CDROM first). All other configurations lead to that error message.

Is there a patch or something like that to fix this?

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