Waiting for Linux base OS for My Asus P4PE

Waiting for Linux base OS for My Asus P4PE

Post by FT » Tue, 09 Sep 2003 10:26:25

Just trying to install Mandrake and Redhat (only 1 OS is installed)on my PC
(Asus P4PE).

Redhat is kind of slow, soundcard and modem don't work.
Mandrake is faster,soundcard is working, but modem is the problem.

PC detail:
Mainborad--Asus P4PE and Asus P4XP-X (both with P4 2.4G & 512MB)
Soundcard--Creative Audigy DE(working),on board (not luck)
Modem------US Robotics 56K Messages Ext.

Mandrake was install and HD was reformatted and reinstalled more than 5
times.Each gave different result for the modem,sometimes(completed install
OS) sometimes it won't.

Try Linconf and network via modem not working (P4PE).
But P4XP-X get connected.

And my big question is Xandros or SuSe is better support my PC configuration
or when is P4PE is fully compatible with Linux.

And the reason I switch to Linux, because my pc dial (Modem)to someone (I
don't know the number) when let it idle for a while.Lucky for I set my
Windows region to some place else.(Yes, I fool my Windows XP)



1. Asus P4PE onboard lan driver bcm4401 / bcm4400 RedHat 8.0 linux install : SOLVED

Keywords for search:
Asus P4PE lan driver bcm4401 / bcm4400 install redhat red hat 8.0
linux onboard LAN ethernet NIC errors working problem solution solved

For RH 8.0, to install lan driver, after doing 'make' I was getting
lot of errors, because I had not installed kernel developement
packages needed to build the driver.

Use the Red Hat RPM Package Management tool to install the Kernel
Development package:
- kernel-source
- libacl-devel
- libattr-devel

then follow the procedure in release.txt for the linux driver on Asus
Should work fine. Then configure the device in by any way you like.

Make sure that gcc is already installed.

I found the solution here :


Thanks to KevinJ and derek.eder
now I have to work to get the onboard sound working...


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