HW compatibility of MSI 845E Master-LR / Master-LRM

HW compatibility of MSI 845E Master-LR / Master-LRM

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Has anybody had any good experiences using the MSI (Microstar) 845E Master
LR or Master LRM motherboards with RH 9.0 or RH Enterprise Linux 3.0?  Is it

The motherboard is based on the Intel 845E northbridge.  How is the support
for the hard driver controllers (ICH4 & Promise PDC20276 or PDC20271 based)
& the onboard LAN (Intel 82551 10/100Mbps &Intel  82540 1Gb) ?    Please
note the RAID function is probably not going to be used.

Although its going to be used as a server, I still need X.. so how is the
support for ATI RageXL?

Anyway here is the url to the mobo:

I know this is a bit older motherboard, but it comes with the 1U server I am
planning on getting, now the manufacturer (Kontron) states that the server
supports RH 7.1 & 8.0, but its not RH certified and I don't know what they
mean buy "support". So any advice is appreciated.



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I have a small problem with the linux pseudo terminals. As I
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/dev/pty[x][n] and act as "terminal hardware" for applications
connection to /dev/tty[x][n]. The problem is that writes to
the pty reappears on the pty, as illustrated by the following
snippet of code:

void test_pty(void)
  int master_fd;
  char buffer[32];

  master_fd = open("/dev/ptys0", O_RDWR);

  write(master_fd, "foo", 3);
  read(master_fd, buffer, 3);

  buffer[3] = '\0';
  printf("%s\n", buffer);

Calling test_pty() produces "foo" on stdout. This is, for
my purposes, neither the desired nor the expected behaviour (writes
on the pty should only appear on the tty). Any suggestions??

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