multiple mode turned off

multiple mode turned off

Post by Helmut Go » Sat, 15 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Quote:> what does it mean when I get "hda: multiple mode turned of at boot time?


this means probably that your LINUX is configured for safe operation.

Look at the file /root/linux/drivers/block/ide.c. It allows to enable
the multiple mode and to speed up your enhanced ide interface.

I hope it helps.

Helmut Gogl


1. multiple mode turned off?

Hello.  I'm running 1.2.13 and noticed that my 1.02 and 1.6G Western
Digital drives partition check with "multiple mode turned off".  I dont
believe I've changed anything with the kernel, my bios, or anything else
related to HD usage.

Would someone explain this mode to me, where may I turn this multiple mode
on/off, and which way is more efficient?

Thanks a bunch,

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