Lockups crashes

Lockups crashes

Post by Chris Carle » Wed, 15 May 2002 10:47:41


I have an Asus A7V266E with Athlon 1600XP, and Asus V7100 pro GeForce2
MX video card, Suse 7.3.

I flashed my BIOS to version 1006 from version 1004B Sunday thinking
that would give me some option in the BIOS settings which it didn't, and
all of Sunday the machine worked fine.  I used mostly default settings.

Today I turned it on and it locked during bootup, but I wasn't paying
attention.  All I know is the screen went blank, and I couldn't telnet
to it.

I reset and rebooted, and it ran, so I did some stuff.  When I logged
out of KDE to a text prompt, it locked again before reaching the prompt.
  This time was really bizarre.  The closing KDE .wav sound that plays,
repeated like a broken CD, and the screen went blank again.  Hard
locked, had to hardware reset again.

The next time I rebooted, I had to fsck manually, and now I have
fragments of KDE config files in my lost+found.  Fortunately, I wasn't
doing anything with any of my important data before the last lockup, so
I think that means it's pretty certain that none of my important files
are corrupted, unless of course during a lockup a random disk write
occurred.  Any comments on what happens or can happen in these
situations?  Are files that you weren't using at all before a hardware
crash most likely safe?

Anyway, I went into the BIOS and changed the power management main
setting to "disabled" from "user define".  I noticed there was some
setting in there for what to do to the video during a "suspend".  I
never use APM, so I don't really know what that stuff is, I only know I
usually disable power management so I don't have to worry about it, but
had overlooked this when checking over the settings after flashing.

Now I logged out of X several times without crashes.  I will let the
thing burn in for a while, and hope it is stable again.  I bought it in
January, and have never had a single problem yet.  I hope I have solved

Any experiences or conjecture appreciated.

Good day!
Chris Carlen

Suse 7.3 Linux 2.4.10