Lilo & 2 SCSI Drives - Won't boot from 2nd drive

Lilo & 2 SCSI Drives - Won't boot from 2nd drive

Post by Jennife » Thu, 23 May 1996 04:00:00

Oops! I have just added a 300 MB SCSI drive to accomodate my thirsty
Linux habit.  Previously I had a 540 mb SCSI drive with an 80 MB
partition for Linux, and the first partition holding my Win95.  I
installed Lilo to switch between the two, and they were happy ever

But with this new kid on the block harmony has been lost.  I again
installed Lilo with an option for the Win95 on the other drive.  All
seemed to be fine until I tried to boot the Win95 -- it keeps looping
with errors.

Any suggestions?


Lilo & 2 SCSI Drives - Won't boot from 2nd drive

Post by Mike Campi » Thu, 23 May 1996 04:00:00

I had a similar problem with DOS and OS/2 on SCSI disk A (primary) and
Linux on disk B. I ended up creating a small partition of disk A that
only holds the /boot directory. The rest of the data is on B. Here's a
copy of what my filesystem looks like. I hope it helps.

Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/sdb2             300545  181476   103546     64%   /
/dev/sda4               7807     156     7248      2%   /boot
/dev/sdb4            1291396  403403   821264     33%   /local
/dev/sda1             616688  122832   493856     20%   /dos

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Lilo & 2 SCSI Drives - Won't boot from 2nd drive

Post by Clayton Weav » Fri, 24 May 1996 04:00:00

line. And that isn't enough info (version of kernel, version of ext2
filesystem, which distribution, version of lilo, which operating
environments are on which partitions, does / end before 1024 cyls, is lilo
on the mbr, the partition boot sector, on a floppy (nice safe place for
it)? There was a detailed post here about 4 months ago on how to do just
this. There was something about installing Win95 first, which trashes lilo
on the mbr (so remove it first with fdisk /mbr from dos), then installing
linux and lilo after you get Win95 booting from its partition. If you boot
lilo from /dev/fd0, you don't have this problem.


1. LILO, can't boot from 2nd SCSI drive.

LILO hangs on the letter L when it tries to boot.  My first drive (sd0) is a
9 gig Cheetah LVD and is using Win98 while the second drive (sd1) is running
a Linux partition.  The SCSI controller is an on board AIC-7890 Adaptec that
is set to boot SCSI device "0".  Is my problem stemming from the fact that I
need to partition the first drive to get this to dual boot?  I would prefer
to not partition the first drive and keep Linux on the second drive.  Is
this possible?  LILO is configured to run in the linear mode, also.  I'm at
a loss.

BTW>I can't get my SCSI CDROM to work, it is recognized at boot-up and when
linux loads, but I can't mount it.  At load time Linux names it "sr0".  I
can't find sr0 in the /dev directory.  Thanks.


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