NexStor ncr53c825 and Linux?

NexStor ncr53c825 and Linux?

Post by Henry CH » Tue, 03 Oct 1995 04:00:00

        After reading on the various Linux newsgroups for a while, I
        decided to get the ASUS SC200 NCR 53c810 Host adaptor. But
        the company I ordered it from couldn't get it to work with
        a SONY Quadspin CDU-76S SCSI CD-ROM and so gave me a more
        expensive NexStor NXT-93N Host Adaptor based on the NCR 53c825.
        Under DOS I can read/execute files from the CD-ROM ok but I can't
        get it to play music CDs.

        I have never heard of NexStor and never installed Linux. So
        I need to know whether this card and the CD-ROM will work with
        Linux or not (it is hardly mentioned in the newsgroups).
        My motherboard is an ASUS P55TP4XE.

        Any pointers and suggestions will be much appreciated. If I
        can't get much info on the NexStor and Linux I will have to
        cough up some extra money and buy the Adaptec 2940 - mainly
        for it's abundance of support and drivers.

        Thanks and regards,