Problem with an SMC EtherPower II 10/100

Problem with an SMC EtherPower II 10/100

Post by Raymond Burges » Wed, 08 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I have got myself two SMC EtherPower IIs, I have one in a Windows machine
and one in a Linux Machine.

I have Downloaded the Driver for linux and the card has been running well,
But since its intoduction to the machine I have found the machine Locked
Solid 4 times, twice in the first hour after I installed the Card.  The
machine stayed up for two days and has crashed twice again this evening.

There could be a few Reasons for this.

The machines Powers Supply could be over loaded, The SMC is the machines
third Ether Card, and it has 5 Harddisks. (note it was up for for 40+ days
before I installed the the SMC, and experience no trouble)

The Driver could be causing the Kernel the Fall over and LockUp.

The i486dx2 could be on its last legs.

I have Booted without the driver and left the card in the machine to see if
it falls over again.  Im going to test the card and Driver in a Pentium to
see if it is just Time I upgrade the machine.

Any one have any ideas why the machine locks our how I can find out why?

Before the machine locks up and dies the Cards work like a dream...


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Could someone please answer the following :
        - is the SMC9432BTX Bus Master DMA card ?
        - is the 3C509B Bus Master DMA card ( or maybe a Shared-memory ) ?
        - which of them shows better performance ( NFS, for example ) ?
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My motherboard is Asus P2B-DS.
I was primarly looking at the SMC card ( having quite a good experience
with their ISA cards ), but ... I have read someone complaining about
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complained that the ethernet card crashes all the time ... .
Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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