CMd CSA65xx SCSI Card. Are there drivers?

CMd CSA65xx SCSI Card. Are there drivers?

Post by VIctor Ake » Tue, 28 May 1996 04:00:00

I have a CMD Technologies CSA6520 Caching SCSI card, but I am
having a wee bit of difficulty finding drivers for it. Are
there any ALPHA/BETA/Full release driver out there for Linux? I
am getting desperate. If worse comes to worse, could anyone
direct me towards a site that will assist me in writing my own?



1. CMD CSA65xx drivers. Do they exist?

I have a CMD 6520 Caching SCSI card, and am in desperate need
of drivers. Are there any out there, or is there any
information on writting ones own driver? It does come with SCO
drviers, but that is it....Any help would be appreciated...


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