RAID (striping) using just MB ports

RAID (striping) using just MB ports

Post by Tom Emerso » Thu, 21 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Recently I wrote and asked if the Promise Fastrack [raid] controller worked
under linux, and the basic answer I got was well, sort of, but Promise
doesn't promise to support it...

SO, now I'm curious -- most motherboards out there nowadays come with dual
[u]DMA IDE ports, so can they be used for a stripe set?  [I presume I would
have to use BOTH ports and set both drives to be the "master"]  This would
[probably] preclude the use of slave devices on each channel [unless I
wanted to extend the striping to a second set of drives], and I certainly
should NOT consider placing a CDROM on either channel [but, perhaps a
sound-card based IDE would work?]

Is there a FAQ/howto/mini-howto on setting up raid striping under linux?
Do I need to compile in kernel support? [are any of the pre-compiled
kernels from the "popular" distributions compiled with this support?]

Can the "root" directory be "striped"? [egad, I JUST thought of how much of
a mess THAT would make, how does the system BOOT if the "boot" section
is/can be striped?]


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Thanks in advance.


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