Matrox G400 Video Adapter

Matrox G400 Video Adapter

Post by John LeMa » Mon, 07 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I was wondering if anyone had seen a beta of the soon to be released
Matrox G400 video adapter long enough to see if there is anyway to get
one running under XFree86. I was shopping around for a memory upgrade
for my 4M Millenium II when I saw this card. Looks nice!

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1. Tuning X/KDE for a Matrox G400 video card - how?

I now have FreeBSD 4 (march release) installed, and am running X/KDE
having gone through the standard graphical setup.

My video card's a Matrox G400 32MB singlehead (not a Max). During the X
setup I selected the card type (was in the card list), but otherwise have
a fairly basic SVGA, res of 1024x640 at 70hz settings.

This looks OK, but doesn't come near what the card & monitor could do.

How can I
(1) At least increase the Refresh Frequency (define the monitor abilities
better rather than accept the defaults?)
(2) Improve the displayed fonts (75dpi seem to be the default)?
(3) Speed up the display - should I pick something other than SVGA, one of
the accelerated X servers for example?

I guess really I should go round the X setup loop a few more times, but a
few pointers would be appreciated.

Yamaha XjR1300sp

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