Hardware advise needed.

Hardware advise needed.

Post by Andy Berg » Thu, 15 Jun 1995 04:00:00


I'm gearing up my system to run Linux.

I currently have a DX2-66, running on an ASUS SP3G, with 230 and 120 Mb IDE hard
drives.  Also have a Reveal CD-ROM (2x),  made by Samsung.  16Mb RAM.

First, let me know if anyone sees a problem with this hardware.

My main concern is video.  I'm currently using a 16 bit Cirrus card.  I want to
upgrade this.  What would be the best choice for maximum compatibility and
performance with Linux/XFree?  PCI or VLB?  Not wanting to go over $180 or so.  Would
like at least 1024x768x65k, if this is viable for XFree.  I don't know.  I'm a Linux

Please lend some advise.



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1. Newbie needs advises (which distribution, hardware requirements)

Hopefully I will be able to learn Linux, but first I need some advises.

Which distribution is most likely to suite a new user like me? (Please don't
start big arguments over this. I just need some opinions.) I've read the
descriptions of them on www.linux.org, but I'd like to know some opinions
from users also.

Secondly, how much disk space I will have to have to use (1) the Linux
kernel, (2) the usual GNU tools such as man, info, greg (If I am wrong about
them, please correct me.) , (3) X Window, (4) Web browser, email program,
news reader, (5) an text editor like Vi or Emac. I am short on disk space
because I have a 340 MB hard disk (!) , which is currently carrying Windows
95 (what do you expect from a newbie :-).)

Thank you for your input.

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