crazy overclocked celeron and kernel?

crazy overclocked celeron and kernel?

Post by Brian Gilma » Wed, 06 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello everyone!
    As you may already know the Intel Celeron is one of the easiest
CPU's to overclock in the world.....Having a small 2ndary cache and same
core as the PII, I decided to overclock the sucker as high as it might
go....Lo and behold, I am now writing to you on a 504 MHz machine! Using
winbench, I get a score better then a PII 450 (arount 10%
better).......I have compiled the kernel for a PII however, I was
wondering if someone knew if compiling it for another processor would
make it better? Thanks in advance!


Brian Gilman


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Hello everyone,
I am thinking of purchasing an AMD K62-300 processor and a FIC VA503
motherboard.  I currently have Suse 5.3 installed on my system.  I want some
advice on whether this combination is compatible with linux.  Also, what
combination of Celeron (with cache) and motherboard is compatible ?  (This
would be my second choice.) I have tried several 56K modems, some PCI and
some ISA and none of them have worked.  Which ones have you had success
with.  Also, when you overclocked the Celeron 300 A processor, did you have
to cover the B21 contact, or did you just manually set the bus speed to
100Mhz ? (If so what did you use to cover the contact ?)


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