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Just bought a Creative Labs CDROM PnP 32 soundcard bundle (ide
controller).  When I try to direct the boot disc to recognize (mount?)
the CDROM Drive with HDD=CDROM as an install parameter, it can see it
but apparently not read it.  An early message while the kernel boots is
HDD: No Response (status=0xoff).  Later we see HDC (yes, HDC) Bad
access, and I/O error dev 1600 sector 0 -- unable to read partition
table.  I know enough to surmise I have a hardware conflict, but know
too little to forge a plan of action.  
Please reply at your convenience  {scratching head with circular saw}


1. soundcard SoundBlaster PCI128 or SoundBlaster live1024 problem


I have a SuSE 9.1 Linux client running
on a 500 MHz P3 with KDE3.2 and more or less
all works fine, except the soundcard.
Either I use SB PCI128 or SB live1024 the same problem appears.
The soundcard will be recognized by YAST well, I initialize
the card and after the system saves the new configuration.
The soundcard works fine.
But after every reboot, the soundcard is quite, nothing to hear
and in YAST the loudness menue is not reachable.
I have to reinit and reconfig the card new. After this
reinit and reconfig the soundcard works again fine,
until next reboot of the computer.
It seems, that the System is not able to remember
the init and config of the (of any) soundcard.
With SuSE 7.0 no problem.
Also /etc/modules.conf is empty but chmod is 777.

What am I doing wrong?

Boris Gerlach

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