NCR 53C80 or NCR 5380 SCSI chip driver

NCR 53C80 or NCR 5380 SCSI chip driver

Post by K.R. Lewi » Mon, 15 May 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone done an NCR 5380 SCSIbus device driver for Linux?

Please advise.



1. Problem with Storage Plus SCSI using NCR 53C80-40 chip.

   Has anyone managed a slackware 3.0 install with a Storage Plus SCSI
card from the year 1989? This 16bit card has an NCR 53C80-40 chip
about 2.5 inches long by .5 inches wide. Using a boot command line
option for the generic NCR driver I recognise the card and my two
quantum LP series drives. I have to use custom menus in linux fdisk to
set the CHS but I can then format and install. My problem is a reboot.
Even with the command line option specified in /etc/lilo.conf and
rerun lilo it won't boot! I'm not a programer so modifing the driver
is out. Thanks for any help!!!


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