Subject : HELP! Diamond Stealth II S220

Subject : HELP! Diamond Stealth II S220

Post by Ashwin K Ra » Sat, 24 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I bought a Diamond Stealth II S220 video card with 4 MB SGRAM and
RENDITION VERITE chipset. Going through this newsgroup, I get this feeling
that the card might stymie my attempts to set up X Windows. Could anyone
help me out by telling me if this card is okay for me  or if I should
return it and buy some other that supports X? I need to setup up my
computer by the next two days, so I would be eagerly waiting for some
helpful suggestions. Please!



1. Diamond Stealth II S220 Users I need help!!!

This card, Stealth II S220, doesn't seem to be
listed in Red Hat 5.2.? I have tried to substitute
the card for something else on the list of cards
given but to no avail.? Every time I go "startx"
it just turns black and I get alot of error
messages. Also, if anyone out there can tell me
how they configure the XF86Config I would gladly
appreciate it.? Thanks in advance.? Please respond
through email cause I will be busy for the next
week.? Thanks again in advance.


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