Corel Linux, UDMA, Dell Dimension XPS T____

Corel Linux, UDMA, Dell Dimension XPS T____

Post by David B. Smal » Tue, 11 Jul 2000 04:00:00

After I choose Desktop, Desktop Plus, Server, or Custom, the system reboots.

1) What would cause this?  (Clearly not the video card, since the GUI starts
just fine.  Perhaps it's the ATA-66 controller?  It's a new Dell w/40GB

2) What's the workaround?  I have another computer, so if it's just a matter
of copying the Corel CD to HD, replacing some files (such as kernel stuff),
and burning a new CD, I can do that.

I've found

and I think it might be useful once the OS is installed.  But I'm not sure
how to get it installed in the first place!


1. Linux On Dell Dimension XPS R450

I am in need of purchasing a new computer and it must run Linux as well as
Windows 95/98/NT. I would like to purchase the latest greatest speed demon
from Dell but am concerned that it will be incompatible with linux. Has
anybody had success run RedHat 5.0 on the newer Dell machines?

Dell hardware specs that I am concerned about:

1)   4.8X DVD-ROM Drive - The literature states that it is backward
compatible with standard CD-ROM drives but I have read that Linux is not
compatible with DVD drives.

2)   14.4 GB 7200rpm Ultra ATA Hard Drive - I thought I read that Linux has
a problem with Ultra ATA and Ultra DMA hard drives.

3)   STB nVidia ZX 8MB 3D 2X AGP Graphics Card or an ATI Expert 98D 3D 2x
AGP Graphics Card

4)   Turtle Beach Montego A3D 64-Voice PCI Sound Card

5)   10/20GB EIDE TR5 Tape Backup

6)   56K Capable U.S. Robotics V.90 x2 Modem - Can the modem be an internal
modem or am I better off not buying an internal modem from Dell and getting
an external modem?

Thanks for your help.

Ralph Alberti

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