directx 5

directx 5

Post by KR » Thu, 19 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Please can anyone help me ..I want to play the new games but my compaq will not
allow for  drx5...where can i get the video drivers?..whenever I try to load
them from any other discs my machine crashes..

please help

i havae already been on to compaq but to no avail




1. HELP: Dell monitor and ATI 3D Rage Pro (English) (Directx)

If anyone has set up xwindows to work properly with an ATI 3D Rage Pro
(English) (Directx) and a Dell UltraScan model D1025TM monitor, I
would appreciate your advice.

Running under RedHat 5.0, using Xconfigurator,  for the video card I
choose Mach64. If I select a Dell monitor, xwindows comes up but
garbles the screen. If I choose Custom and set V & H rates as
indicated in the manual for Deflection Frequency, I can an OUT OF SCAN
RANGE msg and the machine dies.

Thanks in advance

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