Linux Laptop APM and Sony Vaio 505

Linux Laptop APM and Sony Vaio 505

Post by Rudy Moor » Tue, 12 May 1998 04:00:00

First, I'm wondering if there are any tools for interfacing to the APM
BIOS - specifically I'm looking to find (or write) a graphical control
panel that will quickly tell you whether a device (such as a PCMCIA
card, internal modem, IrDA port) has power.  This is important for
laptops where you're trying to wring every minute possible out of
the battery.  Can anyone point me at resources for doing this?

Second, I noticed the 505 page that I put up a week ago got _a lot_
of hits.  I'm wondering if anyone has any comments or more information
to add to my page.

BTW, I updated the "sources" links to include JPD - another importer
of the Sony Vaio 505 series of laptops.  My link is:

Rudy Moore


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I am thinking about buying the Sony Vaio 505 laptop but I am concerned about
the modem/network card that it has. The card is the Platinium MC220 by COM1.
It is supposed to be a card that supports modem, ISDN, GSM and Ethernet

I have found in <> that this card
works as a modem but I am not sure if it's fine as an Ethernet card.

Any body had any experience with that?


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