IRQ 15 missing on 486 VLB Board (SIS chipset) AWARD BIOS

IRQ 15 missing on 486 VLB Board (SIS chipset) AWARD BIOS

Post by Ralf Loe » Tue, 02 Jul 1996 04:00:00

my motherboard is missing the IRQ 15 because it is reserved for
powersaving mode. In the describtion to my board is a secondary BIOS
AMI without powersaving. is it possible that it does not reserve the
IRQ 15



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I should have given all the information about my setup.

Asus A7M266-D with two Athlon MP 1900+'s (running at 1.6GHz) with
2GB registered DDR at 133MHz.
Ethernet IntelPro 100 working fine with IRQ19.
The ASUS BIOS version 1.005a.

XFree86-4.2.0-??.i386.rpm produced by SuSE recently.
Checked with two graphics cards  NVidia GeForce 2MX and Matrox
G400.  Those two boards worked fine on a Intel-P4 machine.
This means that I keep XF86Config files for the respective
boards perfectly working on the Intel P4.

I guess that is all.

THank you.

G. HUgh Song

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