Dump - file number=0, ide tape, Help!

Dump - file number=0, ide tape, Help!

Post by Andrew Evan » Sat, 10 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Folks -

I've been successful using ide tape drives but cannot get
mt to recognize dump file numbers so that I can use mt and
fsf, or use scripts to record positions after various
operations. Typically, mt responds with:

# mt -f /dev/nht0 stat
Unknown tape drive type (type code 0)
File number=0, block number=0.
mt_resid: 0, mt_erreg: 0x0
mt_dsreg: 0x6800, mt_gstat: 0x0
General status bits on (0):

I'd really like it if "File number=" reflected reality. Has
anyone got this going, or suggestions? I have a:

hdd: CONNER CTT8000-A, ATAPI TAPE drive

among other similar devices...

Thanks for any input, I haven't seen this documented, at least
not within the searches I conducted.

- Andy

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I have performed dump of several partitions on a type in a Mammoth
drive. Then I tried to look at them by "restore", and I could access the
first partition. After that I ran "restore" once again, and I expected
that I would see the list of the files in the second partition. Instead,
all I got was the message "Tape is not a dump tape". When I ran "mt
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I tried to backup two small directories, and I had no trouble restoring
them later. But when I backup whole partitions, I keep getting this

I have Redhat 6.1.

Any ideas what's going on?


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