LXYCON CDM-220 2X CDROM supported?

LXYCON CDM-220 2X CDROM supported?

Post by Michael Tind » Fri, 05 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I while back I bought a:


manufacturer:  Yung Fu Electrical Appliances Corp.
fcc id:  BCQMUK-LCDM220

rear panel looks like:

 CSM                               AUDIO OUT      
[       ]                              [                   ]          
 SLA                                 L  G  G  R

To the right of the above is also the IDE connector and then the power connector

under the CSM/SLA inside the brackets there is:

  . . . .
  . . . .

These are jumper posts, using a jumper oriented verticcally on any of the 4

Does anybody know what the jumper settings are for?

Is this drive supported under Linux?

On the box it advertises     IDE/ATAPI CDROM DRIVE!

But in the manual it says NOTHING about ATAPI.

But it DOES work in DOS and Win with the supplied driver (I haven't tried to get
it owrking under OS/2)

The CDROM-HOWTO says that pretty much ANY ATAPI drive should work, but this one
doesn't seem to.  I am wondering if it may be that this drive isnt 100% ATAPI

For my DOS setup it says that I have to have it configured as SLAVE, but the
Linux docs says it has to be configured as Master.

For DOS I dont run any jumpers on the CSM/SLA.  if that jumper block is to set
master/slave, then I need to know how to set it to master (although none of the
4 blocks seems to actually let Linux detect it if they are jumpered).

I run a SCSI hard drive and then have an EIDE multiport board in the computer
(the hard drive controller is disabled) and I run the serial ports on it.

Am I right in assuming that the HARD DRIVE CONTROLLER only needs to be ENABLED
when you actually have a HARD DRIVE attached and that it does NOT need to be
ENABLED if you are only runing a CD?  This seems to be the case in DOS because
it lets the CD work without the HARD DRIVE ENABLED jumper being set on the

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  I just purchased the:

Linux Slackware 3.0 w/ELF binaries 2-CD set

I want to install the minimal (12MB it says) install and then run it off the
CD-ROM, but in order for me to do this it says the bootkernel must be able to
detect the CD-ROM.  I am using the IDECD bootkernel.

the IDECD boot kernel says nothing about a CDROM anywhere when it is booting,
but if i put the  RAMDISK HDA=CDROM or HDB=CDROM it then gives me more info but
obviously it is just more verbose and there really still isn't any detection of
a drive being there.

please help me if you can...and if you can respond in e-mail it would be much
faster for me (although I will definitely watch this group alsy for replies.


                                                              up and running)


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