Disabling integrated sound card on AST 9304

Disabling integrated sound card on AST 9304

Post by Tony R. Benne » Thu, 16 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have a friend who has an AST Advantage 9304 system.  This system has a
sound card and video card integrated into the motherboard.

Does anyone know how to disable either or both of these so that he can
purchase superior cards?



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I'm planning on buying a new computer and putting my first Linux
machine up and running. The computer package I'm considering buying
contains a "Epox 4GEA audio vga ddr" motherboard (see
http://www.epox.nl/english/products/motherboard/4gea%2B.htm for
details) with an integrated sound card and an integrated graphics

The graphics card does Intel Extreme VGA graphics, and the sound card
is a 6-channel digital audio card by Realtek (don't know the exact
model though). Does anyone have knowledge about whether this system
would work properly under Linux? I'm planning to install Debian on the

Thanks in advance,


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