3com 905B ethernet HELP!!!

3com 905B ethernet HELP!!!

Post by James Fowle » Fri, 25 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I recently ungrade the ethernet card to a 3com 3c509B PCI card.  And am
having some problems.

I am using Redhat 5.1 and it reconized to card right off.  However, I am
having  spectacular crash using the card.  Whenever I try to us NFS, FTP, or
use SAMBA to transfer files to it (most notably with NFS), my system crash
almost immediately with kernal panic messages involving the task schedular,
or spits out a message that scrolls up the screen about being unable to
address the IRQ at such-an-such address.  I think this maybe a problem with
the drivers. Anyway, this is of great concern to us since we were planning
to us the Lynx server as a fileserver and need 100 base T connectivity.  I
only wish I knew what the best type of 100 base T card, to get that will
work as reliably as my 3com 3c509B card did before.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

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wondering if anyone has an idea on this one...

I'm using a 3com 905B-TX card with RedHat 5.1 (2.0.34 kernel), experiencing
the following:

1) the initial install detected card as 3com Vortex and set up 3c59x driver
for card 'automagically'.

first... using this driver... the gateway I set up was not working (machine
has static IP... and uses same gateway under Win98 without problems.

then I added 'options eth0 options=0 to force 10baseT negotation - in
contrast to AUI... and gateway works.


set up ssh, etc... and did a 68mb 'scp' from another nearby machine in the
same subnet... which copied at a rate averaging ~ 300k/sec... so card is
working nice.

set up sendmail, etc... and verified correct setup by sending emails back
and forth.. works fine - until I send a message with a large attachment from
'3com' machine *to* another machine - and transfer rate crawls - 1 - 4k/sec.

So... I try downloading something off the internet onto the '3com'
machine... and transfer rate flies (almost 400k/sec incoming - very fast).

Test *outgoing* rate again trying 'scp' *to* another machine... and again
get a super slow transfer rate.


Anyway... any ideas why *outgoing* rate from '3com' machine is sooooo
slow... while incoming rate works great?


I downloaded source for a more recent driver (3c90x.c) and
compiled/installed the new module, but I still get similar results -

very slow outgoing transfer rates... (usually from 1-4k/sec - like I'm using
a modem?) but very fast incoming rates.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ;-)

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