Anybody using Dell XPS90's with Linux?

Anybody using Dell XPS90's with Linux?

Post by Christopher Kr » Sat, 08 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I'm looking for any help I can get regarding hardware compatability with
Linux.  I'm not new to Linux-- I've used it since version 0.96 on a
486DX2/66 with very few problems, but it is time to move up.

I'm eyeing a Dell XPS90 (or a 100Mz model) and I'd like to know whether
anyone out there has had any experience installing and/or using Linux on
a similar machine.  Here's a breakdown of the machine I want:

        P90 or P100 processor
        16Megs RAM
        1.2GB Western Digital EIDE drive (PCI)
        NEC 4X IDE CD-ROM (PCI)
        #9GXE64 PRO (w/2Megs VRAM)
        NOKIA 447X monitor

Everything seems rather standard these days, but I'm concerned about the
IDE CD-ROM drive and the #9 video card.  I haven't seen any recent posts
about IDE CD-ROM drives, but recently a few folks have mentioned problems
with the video card under X-Free.  Is there a specific chip revision I
should ask for to get the video card working under X?  I hope to run X

About the CD-ROM... are there any IDE drivers out there?  Or am I better
off buying a SCSI drive separately?  I plan on getting a SoundBlaster
card later... should I use the SB card to connect to a SCSI CD-ROM?

I realize I'm asking alot of questions, but I would greatly appreciate
any help at all.

Thanks much.
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