RedHat, CUPS, and gimp-print

RedHat, CUPS, and gimp-print

Post by Tarun Nagp » Tue, 30 Oct 2001 12:33:06

Okay, I've searched and tried just about everything I know how to do,
which is admittedly not much when it comes to Linux.

I recently installed RedHat 7.2. I uninstalled lprng, printconf, and
printconf-gui. I then installed CUPS and the gimp-print drivers so
that I could use my Lexmark Z52 printer.

Whenever I try to print a test page from CUPS, it starts processing
and then declares "USB port busy; will retry in 30 seconds..." At rest
it states printer idle. I have no idea what to do next.

Another problem I have noted is that when configuring my printer, each
driver installed by gimp-print appears about 5 times in the list of
drivers on the web interface.

Please help...



1. Epson Stylus Color 760 + CUPS + Gimp-Print


I recently installed the newest CUPS (1.1.15) and Gimp-Print (4.3.3)
in the faint hope to finally get my printer to work under Linux
(Distr.: Red Hat 7.3).
The Gimp drivers did show up correctly in the web interface, I added
the printer and printed a test page. Everything worked fine, and I was
delighted, but not for long...
After the next reboot it just stopped working. When I try to print
anything it shows up under completed jobs but marked as "cancelled".
The printer doesn't move at all and I get no error messages.
Cups is correctly started during startup (it says "OK" at least).

What, on the other hand, always works is printing in RAW mode. I can
print everything with gimp-print from "The Gimp" for example, and I
can print text files. This suggests to me that Cups is working in
principle. The driver also works in principle (I've got the evidence
in my hand!). Still something's wrong and I don't have any ideas about
what to do :-( .


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