Video problem with a Dell OptiPlex GL 575

Video problem with a Dell OptiPlex GL 575

Post by Colin McGrego » Sat, 10 Nov 2001 07:55:25

I am using Coyote Linux with a Dell OptiPlex GL 575 desktop PC and the
VGA display built on the motherboard is not working properly. What I
get is characters scattered across the screen. So for now I have taken
the simple expedient of installing a cheap ISA VGA video card, and all
is well. However I would like to free up that bus slot and actually be
able to use the on-board video.

Now, things that should not be an issue include the fact that I have
upgraded to the latest BIOS (A20 up from A09). As well, I have booted
the machine's on board video without issue under MS-DOS (so the built
in video does appear to work fine).


Thanks in advance.


1. Video memory for DEC Venturis 575

I have a DEC Venturis 575. These come with a pretty limited
onboard video system: it's S3, which is ok, but it has only
1 Mb of VRAM. It can be upgraded to 2 Mb, and that's what I
want to do, but the DEC docs don't list the chips: the
service manual says only `take the chips out of the package
and put them in the sockets'. Big help.

Well ok, there are two sockets near the S3 chip, and right next
to them are two soldered-in chips that would fit those sockets,
and which I *guess* are the first Mb. They're labelled

    SEC     KOREA

Does anyone know what these chips are? (Especially: are they
what I need?)

And whether they're still available?

To reply, cut out my nose and make the met a net.

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