HELP NEEDED: Ethernet card not recognized

HELP NEEDED: Ethernet card not recognized

Post by Arif Kh » Fri, 15 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have a NE2000 compatible combo card in my Linux box. I am running
RedHat's Linux 2.0. I have tried adding an "append" line in the lilo.conf
script so that linux autoprobes for the ethernet. I have also including the
parameters. To-date nothing has worked. Incidently, my LAN is connected via
a bnc connection. As I am new to Linux, I could sure use all the help I can



1. help needed to recognize ethernet card

I am using redhat 7.0. My ethernet card is not recognized upon boot.
Earlier versions of redhat did recognize the existence of the card,
although I did not use it for anything. Since I am having a cable modem
connection installed, it is essential that I am sure my system will
recognize the card.     However, I am absolutely clueless how to do
this. To compound the problem, I am not even sure what type of card is
installed. I think it is a 3Com.
    So, I must resolve this before I have the cable man come. Any help
is greatly appreciated.
Dick Fell

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