Panasonic CR-572-B, installing from?

Panasonic CR-572-B, installing from?

Post by Tapio Lehton » Fri, 01 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Backround info is in the end, here are the questions:

        1. Can anyone confirm that Panasonic CR-572-B double speed CD drive
works with newer versions of Linux, and works fully so that even
installation diskettes can read from this drive?

        2. Where do I find a working set of Boot/Root diskettes for some Linux
distribution for Panasonic CR-572-B double speed CD-ROM drive?
Distributions can be Slackware, Red Hat for example.

        3. What IDE ATAPI CD-ROM drives are known to work with Linux
installation diskettes? Preferably cheap double speed drives.

I have experimented installing Slackware (and Red Hat) from August
InfoMacig CD. I have bit of a problem finding a CD-ROM drive that the
installation diskettes can use. All the drives I have tried a supposed
to be IDE ATAPI, but looks like they are only partly. Or then again,
Linux drivers on the installation kernels may be old/only partly ATAPI

        - Lion Optics (Philips?) double speed drive is not recognised at all,
either by Slackware or Red Hat installation diskettes.

        - Panasonic CR-572-B is recognised by Slackware installation diskette,
and I get as far as installing the A disk set, but after a few
megabytes the drive starts to give only read errors. Red Hat
installation diskette fails to recognise the drive.

        - UMAX CD IS201 works flawlessly with Slackware. Only trouble is, this
model is no longer for sale here. It was the cheapest, too :-( .
On the other hand, Red Hat installation diskette failst to recognise
this drive too.

Of course I have tested all the drives under DOS (and/or OS/2 Warp
Connect), and they work and are jumpered correctly as master if I put
them alone on the secondary IDE connector. And I have copied the
IDE/ATAPI installation diskettes from the distributions.

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1. Panasonic/Matshita CR-572 IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM

My PC has a Panasonic/Matshita CR-572 IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM.  When I boot Linux
(Slackware - I customized the kernel with sbpcd.c), it finds the CD-ROM,
but then it says:

Check region: 170 is not free.

Then it goes ahead and mounts the CD-ROM.

0x170 (IRQ 15) *is* the CD-ROM's address.  I even called the manufacturer
to confirm it.  That's also where my DOS partition finds it.

Does anybody know what's going on here?  How do I fix this?

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