LCD monitors

LCD monitors

Post by Ken Ri » Sat, 26 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Am thinking of getting one of those new $1000 14"-15" LCD monitors for
a not yet selected machine.  Like for instance a Compaq TFT450 flat
panel, or a Philips Brilliance 151AX, etc.  They most all say SVGA
1024x768 so I originally thought it would be a vanilla monitor, plug
and run, no special drivers.  Now I am reading that there can be sync
problems on an analog connection, & a digital interface is way better,
raising the question of drivers.  Or am I totally lost and will need
drivers regardless?

Any experience with brands of LCD monitors, analog vs digital interface,
from Linux of course.

Thanks.  If you email, will post summary of received info in a week.

-ken rich           fault___


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