Storagetek 9710 or 9730

Storagetek 9710 or 9730

Post by DDEGP » Wed, 27 May 1998 04:00:00

Has someone succeded in using Storagetek 9710 or 9730.
and How (software, drivers, ...)

Thanks for all informations

David Degouilles


1. StorageTek 9730 and ufsdump/

Hi all!
I need to set up a StorageTek 9730 on a Sparcserver 1000E running Solaris
2.5.1. Until now this server has been using a Sun DLT 4700 stacker and
ufsdump/vxdump script (placed in crontab) to do the daily backup. We don't
have time to change the backup routines and want to keep the old backup
script. The StorageTek 9730 is a tape libary with its own robot unit and a
separate DLT unit. Each with its own SCSI id. The good thing with the Sun
DLT 4700 was that the mt command was used to change cartridge and I'm afraid
that the StorageTek 9730 needs some kind of controlling sw since the robot
is a separate unit. Any idea how to solve this problem fast and easy?

Per Sverre Stiansen, System Engineer

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