Printer on parrallel port not recognized by kernel

Printer on parrallel port not recognized by kernel

Post by Michael Kell » Wed, 22 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have TurboLinux Workstation 4.0 newly installed and have most
stuff working, but during boot it puts in /var/log/messages
something like "lp driver loaded but no hardware found"
and the printer doesn't go through the initialization cycle
during bootup.  The printer works in 2 other MS OSs so
I'm wondering if maybe Linux gets confused if the Parrallel
port isn't in a particular mode or something.

It's a DeskJet 500 and it works fine on an old 486 with
a 2.0.27 kernel so I'm surprised the TurboLinux install
didn't seem to configure it correctly.

Anyone run into this and solve it?




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Hi All

I have just installed RH6.1 and all appears
to be fine except it does not recognise my
printer port which should be at 0x0378 irq7
i have the lp module loaded and lpd running
but when I go to setup the printer it states
no printer found on ports lp0 lp1 lp2 bugger!!

any ideas


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