Legato Networker, Linux & IMB tape libraries.

Legato Networker, Linux & IMB tape libraries.

Post by Will McClintoc » Sat, 31 Mar 2001 23:44:53

I am trying to use Legato's Networker 6.0.1 to backup files from an IBM
Netfinity 6000 to an IBM tape library (490/890 GB DLT 7000). The
installation of Networker went fine. However, when I try to label  the
tapes (the first step in getting the program going after installation),
Networker has trouble ejecting, then automatically loading the next
tape. I've called Legato and they don't have an immediate fix, but they
suggested that they've heard about this problem before with IBM tape
libraries and linux.

Anyone have any ideas?


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1. Legato NetWorker - Soft Errors on 8mm 3M Data tapes (replace tape!)


If you use Legato NetWorker to do your network backups to 8mm tapes, I would
be very interested to know your experiences.

We are running NetWorker version 4.0.1 on a Sun SPARC 2 with Solaris 2.3.
We have a Sun 8mm 5 GB Exabyte tape drive attached.

We were using Scotch brand P5-90 8mm video grade cartridges for our backups,
and NetWorker was frequently giving error messages such as follows.

         Soft error rate (16%) during writing was too high
         Please, replace tape cartridge

Sometimes the Soft error rate went as high as 32%.

After a couple of tapes failed, we decided to replace them all with 3M
certified D8-112 8mm digital data storage tapes.

Unfortunately NetWorker is still giving Soft errors on the 3M data tapes !
These Soft errors usually vary between 6% and 7%.  Last night, the error
message appeared seventeen (17) times !!

Note that I put an Exabyte 8mm  cleaning tape through the drive
immediately before the backups started.

Below are some questions that I would like answered.  If you know the answer
to any of them (or even if you don't, but are getting the same "Soft error -
Please replace tape cartridge" messages) I would appreciate it if you could
drop me a line.


Question 1:
Could you please advise why NetWorker keeps on producing these soft errors,
and continues to advise us to replace our *brand new* data certified 8mm
cartridges.  Do you think the Exabyte drive needs servicing?  (Note that
we have had no problems with the drive).

Answer 1:

Question 2:
Are the 3M digital data 8mm cartridges suitable to work with NetWorker?
Should we be using a different brand of 8mm cartridge, and if so, which brand?

Answer 2:

Question 3:
Is the Soft error message a bug from Legato NetWorker?  Is this message still
given under NetWorker version 4.0.2 ?

Answer 3:

Question 4:
And the big question...  Can we expect NetWorker to mark one of our brand new
3M D8 data tapes as full before it really is full, and hence cause our nightly
backups to fail?

Answer 4:

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