Input/Output error when using setserial while trying to set up modem need help

Input/Output error when using setserial while trying to set up modem need help

Post by minn » Mon, 18 Jun 2001 03:30:07


I am running mandrake 8.0 kernel 2.4.2
I have The new 56k usr pro modem that is sopposed to work
with linux But From what I have read from the input from other people
it still needs to use the setserial command but when I type in the command
that would make my modem work I get an "Input/Output error "

If any body knows how to fix this I would be greatfull

I cantacted usr tech support and they had no clue all they said is that it
should have worked as soon as I entered it in the system


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1. serial setup error :Input/output errod using setserial

    Well not to cry wolf but I found out my problem by reading in
comp.os.linux.misc... Someone had similar problem. Two users replied that
the script was original written from a dos/win platform. this was actually
the case as I downloaded the software on my win pc so I could write it to a
cdrom..... dos2unix fixed that problem.... installed the package from a link
at  nuff said.

    New problem and one that I thought I was through with.... When starting
ups monitoring a console message appears : cannot open port "/dev/ttys1" for
UPS access - Input/output error.  Setserial reports same error when I try to
autoconfigure or set manually..... I had this problem initialy when setting
up the modem. After using device cua0 with a link to /dev/modem (I know
every howto says not to use cua* or /dev/modem) I got the modem to work
fine. But when I  #setserial /dev/ttys2 (modem location) I get the same

    I am assuming that the links are wrong.?.? Important note serial port
(ttys1) is on motherboard. Does this matter ? I assume it must be a
configuration problem since the modem works fine....

    The modem is a newcom 56ifx pnp or jumpered setup(even has references to
linux setup in manual) . And as I said the serial port is on the motherboard
and is configured automatically or manually from the bios.


thanks in advance

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