Anybody else have problems with the IBM DORS 32160?

Anybody else have problems with the IBM DORS 32160?

Post by Stephan Gud » Sat, 11 May 1996 04:00:00


I recently purchased an IBM DORS 32160 2GB SCSI-drive. Under DOS it seems
to work fine, but with Linux I only get a 'target 6 ignored SDTR and went
into COMMAND OUT' message. Does anybody else, who happens to have this
drive, have any difficulties with it? Maybe the problem is specific to
my otherwise very mundane Hardware, which it must be if everybody else
is happy with this drive :-/.


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1. apple-OEM DORS 32160 reports SCSI-I!

Ok, I just bought an apple-OEM IBM DORS-32160 and it's reporting that it
is a SCSI-I device, while I know full well it's an Ultra SCSI-II

My question: does apple meddle with the firmware on these things?
Can the drive likely be told to be SCSI-II or is this a totally
crippled drive?  

I need to know whether I should send this sucker back.


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