Recommend cheap CDRW that supports packet writing?

Recommend cheap CDRW that supports packet writing?

Post by Dances With Cro » Tue, 13 Mar 2001 04:05:01

On Sun, 11 Mar 2001 18:18:43 GMT, Foolproofing Lab Test Subject
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Quote:>According to, "not all cd writers
>support packet writing", but I haven't been able to locate a list
>of any that are known to do so, on that site or elsewhere.

>If there are many drives known to be suitable, I'd appreciate
>recommendations for models that are cheap, robust and easily
>available in the US.

>Is the 2.4.x kernel required for packet writing (because
>UDF support is needed?)?

Just about every CD-RW manufactured since 1999 should support
packet-writing.  UDF filesystem support is available as a back-patch for
the 2.2 series, and is not necessary for *writing* a packet CD, only for
reading one.

Packet-writing is experimental under Linux and as of yet does not allow
you to treat a CD-RW as a huge floppy disk.  This has to do with the way
CD-RWs are treated under Linux. should have more
information on this topic.

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