Multiple used IRQ's

Multiple used IRQ's

Post by Theofilu Andre » Sun, 14 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi to all.

I have a problem with the cards and the IRQ's in my machine. 15 IRQ's
are not enough!

I have, beside other cards, a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 sound card with
a SCSI controller on it, where I have my CD-ROM connected.
This components worked under Linux very well. Last week I added a
second serial port with two 16450 UART's and a LPT port on it.
Since this day, Linux can not find my sound card. The SCSI controller
on the sound card is still working.
Following is a table of the cards, used IRQ's, DMA's and ports (as
far as known):

   IRQ  DMA  Port  Description
   0               Hardware timer
   1               Keyboard
   2               redirected to 9
   3         2f8   COM2 (modem connected)

   4         3f8   COM1 (serial mouse connected)
   4         3e8   COM3 (not useable)

   5         2e8   COM4 (serial terminal connected)
   5    3          gscan (handyscanner not used under Linux)
   5    3    220   Sound Blaster 8bit (emulation not used under Linux)
   5         278   LPT2 (not used)

   6               Floppy controller

   7         378   LPT1
   7    3    330   QIC-80 streamer controller

   8               real time clock
  *9               should be free but can not use!
   10        340   NE2000 ethernet card
   11              used by vga card (PCI)
  *12              should be free but can not use!
   13              Mathematic processor
   14              IDE0 controller (HD)

   15              IDE1 controller (HD not used)
   15   7    388   Pro Audio Spectrum 16
   15        388   SCSI controller (PAS16)

The SCSI controller is not jumper able nor can I change IRQ via
software. Also the IDE1 is not configureable. With DO$ and
Window$ all components work fine.
I tried to configure the sound card to other IRQ's, but nothing
worked. When I remove the second serial card, Linux will find the
soundcard and works with it. I can not configure the sound card to
the IRQ's 9 and 12. The sound card is only by software configure-
able, so I have to boot DO$ to configure it. What components use
the IRQ's 9 and 12?
I don't want to disable the SB8 emulation, because some DO$ games
uses it. I have already disabled the MPU-401 emulation.

I'm using currently Linux v 1.2.11 with a.out. My machine is a
Pentium/60 with 8M. of RAM. Only the VGA card is on the PCI bus, all
other cards are ISA.

It seems to me, that Linux can use an IRQ only for one thing and is
not able to share IRQ's. Is that really true?
Why does Linux not find my sound card when I install a second serial
card? I think this card can not really make a conflict with my sound
card, or I'm wrong?

Any help would be greatly apreciated. Please Post AND email me if

Thanks in advance.
Theofilu Andreas

                           Enjoy the science of Linux!
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