Suse 9.1 and Logitach QuickCam Communicate

Suse 9.1 and Logitach QuickCam Communicate

Post by Des Cavi » Sun, 26 Jun 2005 08:07:12

Can someone please direct me as to how to get the subject camera
working, I have downloaded several drivers, but to no avail. Is there a
driver/viewer software combo that I am missing and what does Vid4Linux
have to do with it ?

many thanks and regards   DesC........................


1. SuSE 9.1 - can't communicate with router

I have spent 3 days on this box, I am in need of some advice.  Here is
what I've got and tried so far...

Installed SuSE 9.1 and try to connect to router.  I was not able to get
the nics to get DHCP, but I am able set a static IP address on it.  I
can ping within the box.  This box used to be RH9 and used the same
Netmask, IP and Boardcast, nothing work.  I also used Yast to set it up
but it dosn't work either.  I cannot ping to the router (and of course,
not outside world).

I've checked /etc/resolv.conf have DNS address in it,
I've checked /etc/sysconfig/network/ethxxxx file have all the correct
network configuration.
I know the nics are good, I still have my old RH9 in aother drive in
case something like this happen, I put the old drive in and got the up
and running again, so I know the HW are good.

Here is the behavior I got when I do ping,

The light on the router blink and the light on the eth0 blink too, but
I get Desitination unreachable.

I think this is some setting that I'm not putting in but where? please

Destination /Gateway /Genmask /Flag /IFace / *      /
link-local / *      / / U/ eth0
loopback   / *       /  / U / lo
default    / / eth0

Kernal 2.6.4-52-smp

Nics tried so far
DLink DFE-530TX+
AON 3xx Realtek chip
LinkSys LNE100TX

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