Western Digital Caviar 1.2 GB - Which harddrive to buy?

Western Digital Caviar 1.2 GB - Which harddrive to buy?

Post by Gary Gob » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have been using this drive for about 6 months with Slackware 2.3 and a

: I have been thinking about getting this drive for my soon to be LINUX box
: but I have heard that people have been having trouble with it.  Should I
: be staying away from it.  If so what drive do you recommned for the least
: hassles?
: Thanks for your responses,
: -Aamer
: P.S. E-mail is appreciated


1. Western Digital Caviar 1.2 GB - Which harddrive to buy?

I have 2 WD 1.08 GB drives--one a 310XX and the other a 210XX (I'm not
certain of the exact model numbers).  Both have 128k buffers.  Both are
very fast, if very slightly noisy, and I haven't had any problems whatever
with either (I've had the 31000 for a year and the 21000 for just a few
weeks).  These are EIDE drives, and I'm running the 31000 on the EIDE
interface and the  21000 on the IDE (secondary) interface of my Premiere II
motherboard (the CDROM is also on the EIDE interface).  I don't know if
this is relevent towards the 1.2 GB drive, but even if it isn't this info
ought to help someone.

From various documents I get the impression that you might have problems
if you use the DOS driver software provided by WD.  Possibly it doesn't
recognize Linux partitions if you have them on the same disk as DOS.
However, I believe that this software is required only if you have an
older computer that requires disk address translation; certainly I'm
not using the WD software and I run DOS and Linux off the same disk.

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