Swap errors... linux barfs, help!!

Swap errors... linux barfs, help!!

Post by Jay » Mon, 24 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have been running linux on a 486-33 for some time now and
I upgraded to the following hardware. Note that the
harddrive is the same one I have been using...

Pentium 75mHz
16mb RAM (came with the mainboard)
GA-586AT PCI motherboard, 512k cache
2mb Diamond Stealth DRAM 64
Western Digital 540mb hdd

My linux partition fills the whole drive.

I can get my root partition up and running, however I get the
following errors, which eventually turn fatal.

"trying to duplicate non-existent swap page."


"trying to free non-existent swap page."


"ld respawning too fast, idled for 5minutes."

The swap partition is on my other drive, and I even went so
far as to re format it with mkswap, so I am pretty sure it
it is recognized.... well in the bootup sequenc it says

"adding 32000 swap memory" or somesuch which I think it should..

please reply in email.




Swap errors... linux barfs, help!!

Post by Jay » Wed, 26 Jul 1995 04:00:00

The ongoing saga,

I started fresh with linux base series a, which seemed to install itself
ok, and even wrote me  a bootdisk, but when I stick that bootdisk in and
start it all up I get either of these messages, the second being the most


Result: 0xffffffff - memory map destroyed
kernel panic: VFS: Unable to initialise buffer free list.
        In swapper task - not syncing


Partition Check:
        hda: Disabled Multiple Mode
        hda: hda1 hda2 hda3
VFS: Mounted Root (ext2 filesystem) readonly
init: can't find library 'libc.so.4'

I have tried re-installing many times and have often been presented
with flag and memory dumps of data, which make the system reboot whilst
using rootdisks and kernel image disks (sbpcd), mostly during setup,
saying something like

Process Badblocks .....


Now the hardrive works, I have formatted it under DOS and found no bad
sectors or anything, I have even tried installing a smaller root partition
on my other harddrive, however the problem remains.

Someone smarter than me ought to be able to point me in the right direction
I hope :-)

(email preferred)



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Syslog reports
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The host:
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I ran vmstat 1 for some time and watched for available swap space to
go to zero. But the lowest it would go is 75kB.

When analyzing this problem, I ran into the following error twice, but
for different commands:
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